I'm in need of technical support. How do I get in touch with Horti-Control?
You can email us at info@horticontrol.com or if it's something that needs immediate attention call our techical support line at 702.968.0420

Do I need to cut or splice any wires?
No. The LF Series Ballast controller is plug and play with Quantum, Sunlight, Global Greenhouse, Hydrotek, Future Brite, and High Yield Ballasts and Reflectors. Hydrofarm ballasts and reflectors require Hydrofarm adapters. These are available through Hydrofarm or their retailers.

Do I need to connect power from my circuit breaker or fuse panel?
No. The LF series ballast controller connects between your ballasts output socket and the reflector cord. This allows the unit to remain flexible in its uses, and eliminates rewiring or adding additional circuits to your current setup.

Can I use digital and/or magnetic core ballasts?
Yes. The LF series ballast controller can be used with both types of ballasts simultaneously.

I heard some digital ballasts don't work with flip flops?
We have tested most available digital ballasts over the last 4 years with no problems. As these ballasts continue to evolve there is the potential for compatibility issues in the future. We will update this information if any known issues arise. We suggest consulting with the ballast manufacturer or your retailer to  determine compatibility.

Can I use it with Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium ballasts?
Yes. The LF series ballast controller can control both types in all wattages simultaneously. If your ballasts are compatible with Metal Halide and High Pressure.Sodium Bulbs, you can mix and match them as well.

Can I use 120V and /or 240V ballasts?
Yes. The LF series ballast controller plugs in between the ballast output socket and the lamp input cord. Your ballasts stay connected to your existing power circuit. The heavy-duty circuitry of the LF series ballast controller allows the ballasts to stay powered on during the switch over.

Do I need a timer?
Yes. The LF series ballast controller needs to be plugged into a grounded 3 prong 120V timer. This can be a simple appliance timer, or your current lighting controller. The trigger cable is a Piggy-back style plug so you can daisy chain multiple units, or trigger other devices with the same timer. By eliminating the timer from the unit, we have greatly increased the reliability. A bad timer doesn’t keep the unit from functioning.

Do I need to turn the ballast off before the switch over?
No. The ballasts stay powered during the switch over.

Is there an electrical footprint ?
There is no footprint because the ballasts stay on. The current spike of ballasts comes from the initial start up. Once warm, the amount of current needed to fire the next bulb is nominal.

How frequently can I trigger the switch over?
Typically a HID light needs 15 minutes to cool down before re-igniting. When using the LF series ballast controller to do a staggered pattern, we recommend setting the timer to switch over every 1-2 hours. This provides more than sufficient time for the bulbs to cool down.

Why don’t you use wire free circuitry?
We feel Printed circuit boards (pcb’s) and solid state relays are not yet reliable enough to handle the loads generated by HID ballasts. In our testing, the failure rates were too high. They also are prone to corrosion and short-circuiting in high temperature and high humidity environments. The heavy-duty components in the LF series ballast controller are designed to far exceed the output voltages of HID lighting. All internal wiring is designed with self-extinguishing insulation and UL compliant. The sockets and cords are the same used by the ballast and reflector manufacturers.

I built my ballasts from a kit. If I cut off the plug ends and hard wire the unit to my ballasts does it void my warranty?

Of course not! We understand not everyone has ballasts with compatible plugs. If you would like to hard wire the ballast side to your home brew ballasts, we will still honor your full warranty.

Where are the LF series ballast controllers made?
The LF series ballast controllers are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

How long is the warranty?
The LF Series Ballast Flip Flop comes with a 3 year hassle free warranty. See the downloads section for warranty information.