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Why use our LF series flip flop?

  • Expand your growing area without increasing power requirements.
  • Double your yields!
  • Use 2 or 4 bulbs on one ballast! (not simultaneously)
  • Prevents power surges by keeping ballasts constantly on.
  • Maximize available power by using all 24 hours of the day!
  • Run lights in several different staggered configurations.
  • Saves energy by using less ballasts!
  • No need to run additional power circuits.
  • Works with magnetic core and digital ballasts.
  • Plug and play with most popular lighting systems.
  • Piggyback Trigger cable allows daisy chaining additional controllers.
  • Available in 2,4,6,8,10,20 ballast configurations.
  • Heavy duty aluminum chassis won't rust.
  • Made in the USA!
  • UL compliant.
  • Three year hassle free warranty!

The "Dust Shroom"
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For the past four years, the founders of Horti-Control have experimented with different methods of building flip-flop systems and other products for the indoor grower. They have decided to do this after purchasing other products that claimed to work, but proved unreliable. The products you will find on this site are built to work for the indoor grower by the indoor grower. Enjoy!